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Juicing with SPUD

Our juicing options are designed to provide an easy, flexible, and cost saving way to detox, energize and nourish your body from the inside out. Experience the heightened health benefits of fresh organic juices, made to your taste, in the comfort of your home. Choose the best juicing option for you!

Juicing Subscriptions

Juicing Subscriptions

Commit to a healthier lifestyle with the SPUD Juicing Club, and enjoy savings on regular deliveries of fresh, organic juicing boxes right to your door. Choose your juicing box based on your specific health goals.

Juicing Boxes
Organic Juicing Boxes

Organic Juicing Boxes

Looking to detox? Need an immunity boost? Choose from a wide range of juicing boxes filled with fresh organic produce - perfect for all your juicing recipes. Juicing at home has never been easier!

Juice With Us
DIY Organic Juice Cleanses

DIY Organic Juice Cleanses

1, 3 and 5 Day Organic Juice Cleanses. All do-it-yourself kits come with instructions, recipes, cleansing tips, and enough organic produce to juice 5 times a day. Pick a cleanse that's best for you!

Choose Your Cleanse

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Organic Apple Juice, 12oz - Code#: DR5728
Organic Apple Juice 12oz                  
Uncle Matt's Organic
$2.39 Reg. $2.99
Local; this product traveled 406 miles to reach our warehouse.
Organic Hoisin Sauce, 8.5 oz - Code#: SA4090
Organic Hoisin Sauce 8.5 oz            
Premier Japan
$5.75 Reg. $6.39
Bananas, 4 count - Code#: PR100033NCO
Bananas 4 count                                    
Organics Unlimited
$1.99 Reg. $2.49

SPUD Organic Juicing News

Dr. Michael Murray
We are pleased to welcome Dr. Michael Murray, our resident expert on juicing for health!

As a member of the organic Juicing Club, you'll have access to juicing recipes that have been specially formulated by Dr. Murray, so you can achieve your desired results! Whether you want to lose weight, boost your immune system, or simply fuel yourself through a distance run, Dr. Murray has the juice combination for you.

Happy Juicing!

Long-term Customers Are Excited About the New SPUD organic Juicing Club!

"I've been a SPUD customer for 2 years now. I love the convenience of ordering online and having all my groceries delivered.

I'm also an avid juicer and have been juicing at home for several years. I have a glass of fresh juice every morning to start my day! Nothing else leaves me feeling full and energized right up until lunchtime.

I'm so excited that SPUD is bringing these two together! Having the produce I need for juicing delivered to my door and a list of great recipes online is going to make juicing so much easier."

"WOW! I just discovered the Juicing Club a couple of days ago. I quickly added a juicer to our cart, and expected to be juicing away in 10 days or so. Well, before I know it, I'm getting a phone call about delivery, and today I've got the darn thing glistening away on the counter! We've used it twice already today, and we haven't even had it for four hours. The whole concept of the Juicing Club is fantastic. We're really excited about this. Thank you so much for your innovation and your incredible customer service!!

Your loyal fans, Jonny, Hollis and Briony"


Potatoes, Yellow , 2 lb - Code#: PR100238NPO
Potatoes, Yellow , 2 lb                                 
$4.29 Reg. $4.99
Chocolate Chunk Brownies , 8oz - Code#: DE5914
Chocolate Chunk Brownies , 8oz                   
$4.94 Reg. $5.49
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