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Coconuts, Young , 1 count - Code#: PR144690NCO
Coconuts, Young , 1 count                             
$4.99 Reg. $6.99
Grass Fed Stew Meat , 1lb - Code#: MP5910
Grass Fed Stew Meat , 1lb                             
$11.78 Reg. $13.09
Prairie Pot Roast , 2lb - Code#: MP5862
Prairie Pot Roast , 2lb                                 
$31.49 Reg. $34.99
Local; this product traveled 150 miles to reach our warehouse.
Get 15% off when you buy more than 2
Tangelo, Minneola , 1 lb - Code#: PR100280LPO
Tangelo, Minneola , 1 lb                               
$2.79 Reg. $3.39
Local; this product traveled 300 miles to reach our warehouse.
Tomatoes, Roma , 1 lb - Code#: PR100292LPO
Tomatoes, Roma , 1 lb                                     
$2.99 Reg. $3.59
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