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Green Smoothie Challenge
We’re helping you create a healthy routine this September by partnering with tuja wellness in bringing you the FREE 30
Our marketing intern Laura is a super talented illustrator. She drew us some beautiful peaches, and we thought we’d share …
What’s a shrub, you ask? At its essence, it’s a vinegar based syrup infused with fruit. What’s it used for? …
Can you take the heat? Turn up the temperature with this sweet-hot peach jalapeno relish. It’s the perfect mix of …
Sweeten up your daily H20 with a dash of this deliciously sweet raw syrup. It’s also perfect over icecream, as …
Organic Juicing Boxes
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Wild Caught Flounder , 10oz - Code#: MP5820
Wild Caught Flounder , 10oz                         
$5.99 Reg. $6.99
Apples, Bagged Gala , 3 lb - Code#: PR101017NPO
Apples, Bagged Gala , 3 lb                           
$9.99 Reg. $13.99
Mangos , 1 count - Code#: PR100156NCO
Mangos , 1 count                                               
$2.99 Reg. $3.49
Local; this product traveled 180 miles to reach our warehouse.
Pluots , 1 lb - Code#: PR101121LPO
Pluots , 1 lb                                                     
$3.49 Reg. $3.99
Local; this product traveled 120 miles to reach our warehouse.
This product is a staff favorite
Cabbage, Green , 1 count - Code#: PR100057LCO
Cabbage, Green , 1 count                               
$3.29 Reg. $3.79
Local; this product traveled 300 miles to reach our warehouse.
Tomatoes, Roma , 1 lb - Code#: PR100292LPO
Tomatoes, Roma , 1 lb                                     
$2.79 Reg. $3.29
Pineapple , 1 count - Code#: PR100223NCO
Pineapple , 1 count                                         
$7.99 Reg. $8.99
Local; this product traveled 120 miles to reach our warehouse.
Beets, Bulk , 1 lb - Code#: PR100043LPO
Beets, Bulk , 1 lb                                           
$2.49 Reg. $2.99
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