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We are thrilled to announce that SPUD’s new, double your savings Refer A Friend offer is available right …
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Whether it’s raining, you don’t have time to drag yourself (and possibly your kids) to the store, you want to …
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Grocery shopping can be a bit of a Wild Wild West situation; you dodge other shoppers, hope your produce hasn’t …
Fall and Winter are the Season of Soup, and we have eight recipes worthy salivating over.  These go from creamy …
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It’s pear season, and while the pear is definitely one of our favourites to eat fresh, pears are a versatile …
Organic Juicing Boxes
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Organic Sour Flour Loaf , 8 oz - Code#: BR4134
Organic Sour Flour Loaf , 8 oz                   
$3.59 Reg. $3.99
Bananas, Fair Trade , 4 count - Code#: PR100925NCO
Bananas, Fair Trade , 4 count                     
$1.99 Reg. $2.49
Sliced Black Forest Ham , 7 oz - Code#: MP4143
Sliced Black Forest Ham , 7 oz                   
$5.75 Reg. $6.39
Local; this product traveled 250 miles to reach our warehouse.
Limes, 1/2 lb. , 0.5 lb - Code#: PR156688LPO
Limes, 1/2 lb. , 0.5 lb                                 
$2.19 Reg. $2.39
Local; this product traveled 5 miles to reach our warehouse.
Bread & Butter Chips , 33.8 oz - Code#: BU4307
Bread & Butter Chips , 33.8 oz                   
$6.29 Reg. $6.99
Local; this product traveled 5 miles to reach our warehouse.
Pears, Bartlett Red , 2 count - Code#: PR100404LCO
Pears, Bartlett Red , 2 count                     
$1.99 Reg. $2.19
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