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Some nights you want a healthy Ready Made Meal. SPUD can help.  Nov 13
Here are a few of next week's Produce Specials - with more to come!  Nov 13
Local Coffee Roasters know what you love in your cup!  Jun 11
Get your pro-biotics in your favourite flavours.  Aug 8
Enjoy Juicing - Fresh Produce brings the best nutrients!  Jul 1

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This season is rich with traditions, especially in the culinary world, varying from culture to culture. Whether observing Christmas, Hanukkah, …
With a cornucopia of local suppliers, organic farms and sustainable products just a click away, SPUD makes it easier than …
coffee meringues
Coffee – the elixir of life.
It comes in many shapes, sizes, roasts, brews and strengths and is woven throughout …
Fill your bins with local, unwrapped gifts to benefit local charities in your area. You can find the local charities …

Yeast, butter, milk, and flour, among other things – an unlikely list of ingredients that, when blended …

Organic Juicing Boxes
"How it works..."


Locally Owned; this product traveled 45 miles to reach our warehouse.
Apple Pie , 32 oz - Code#: DE4094
Apple Pie , 32 oz                                             
$15.19 Reg. $18.99
Locally Owned; this product traveled 45 miles to reach our warehouse.
This product is a staff favorite
Olallieberry Pie , 32 oz - Code#: DE4092
Olallieberry Pie , 32 oz                               
$15.19 Reg. $18.99
Coconuts, Young , 1 count - Code#: PR156704NCO
Coconuts, Young , 1 count                             
$4.99 Reg. $7.99
Local; this product traveled 104 miles to reach our warehouse.
Carrots, Cello , 1 lb - Code#: PR100064LPO
Carrots, Cello , 1 lb                                     
$1.59 Reg. $1.79
Chives , 1 count - Code#: PR100079NCO
Chives , 1 count                                               
$2.99 Reg. $3.99
Tomatoes, Roma , 1 lb - Code#: PR100292NPO
Tomatoes, Roma , 1 lb                                     
$2.99 Reg. $4.99
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